The William Everett Group Application and Technical Support Training Services

The William Everett Group has provided application and COTS training for both large and small scale enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects, Microsoft Suite, custom applications, customer service and call center training. We are experts in designing training plans, developing curriculums, user skills and readiness assessments and delivering a myriad of end user training.

TWEG’s approach to training combines a variety of proven training delivery methods to ensure the maximum learning benefit. The over-arching goals of TWEG trainings are to provide: End users, Subject Matter Experts, Management and System Administrators with the knowledge and capabilities necessary for them to adopt the newly implemented technology and adapt to the new work processes. Provide Knowledge and tools for Learners to efficiently perform their roles and job functions. A programmatic and collaborative approach to training that will minimally impact the day-to-day operations of the business. The standard training methodology used by TWEG is:

i. ADDIE (A nalysis-Design-Development Implementation-Evaluation ) Instructional model

1. The Analysis – Discovery phase will identify the learning population and document with audience profiles.

2. The Design phase will produce core training governance and project documents.

3. The Development phase will produce the core implementation documentation.

4. The Implementation phase will focus on the tactical execution of training plans.

5. The Evaluation phase based on Kirkpatrick’s levels/steps of evaluation,

a. Step 1: Motivation (formerly Reaction) - How well did the Learners like the learning process?

b. Step 2: Learning - What did they learn? (the extent to which the Learners gain knowledge and skills).

c. Step 3: Behavior - (What changes in job performance resulted from the learning process? (capability to perform the newly learned skills while on the job).

d. Step 4: Results - What are the tangible results of the learning process in terms of reduced cost, improved quality, increased production, efficiency, etc.?

TWEG ’s Training Services Also Include:

Ø Training Curriculum Development

Ø Training Project Management & Coordination

Ø Training Services –

ii. Instructor-led classroom sessions

iii. Online webinars

iv. Online computer based training (CBT) sessions

v. Individual sessions

vi. Train-the-Trainer sessions

vii. Blended session

The William Everett Group manages a state of the art training facility located in Chicago’s historic Printer’s Row neighborhood. This facility is conveniently located to public transportation and affordable parking. We utilize this facility for client and TWEG training classes.

TWEG Training Facility Overview

TWEG offers a full-service training facility. Our facility is conveniently located in downtown Chicago. Choose from our beautiful private dining room, technical training rooms equipped with state of the art technology or basic training rooms for seminars and educational training.

1. Facility access Monday-Saturday (8:00 am to 6:00pm)

2. State-of-the-art training facilities

3. Flexible training room layouts

4. Training classroom registration services

5. Knowledgeable and friendly staff

6. Onsite technical support

7. Flip chart, white board, pen, and pencils

8. Onsite business center and administrative services

9. PC for each attendee with MS-Office and Adobe Reader

10. Internet Access – wired and high-speed

11. Qualified and certified trainers

12. Convenient to all public transportation

13. Low cost parking across from the training facility

14. Additional services provided for all day events:

15. Food and beverage services

16. Administrative support