Enablement Services


The William Everett Group’s Enablement Services (ES) Practice focuses on empowering clients to service their customers, community and constitutions alike. TWEG uses the Enablement Services Practice as a leverage to strengthen our partners on projects and augment projects for our clients regardless of the size or length. Over the past 7 years, ES has grown to become one of the largest functions of TWEG. ES focuses on placing competent resources in positions of value and need to development our partners relationships as well as the skills of the William Everett Group.


Enablement Services Practice is currently engaged in the following fields of work.

Call Center
The Enablement Services Practice has extensive history working on Call Center projects. TWEG has managed teams of various sizes. TWEGs rigorous training of each employee is very critical in the success and positive results we have delivered on each project. TWEG has learned to institute effective leadership to monitor over process, customer service quality, and client satisfaction. TWEG is experienced in several forms of Call Center technology and platforms.
Help Desk
TWEG’s Help Desk division of ES empowers our consultants to become subject matter experts on the client’s project solution and/or product. The Help Desk has worked with users all over the City in various departments and organizations. Enablement Services transforms every project as a learning environment to assist clients and individuals to enable a productive and informed. Our help desk includes Level 1, 2 and 3 for application support and informational services.
Customer Service
Customer Services is an integral part of Enablement Services Practice. Our clients would not be complete without an experienced and knowledgeable team providing Customer Service. TWEG is in the business to help others and improve the quality of life for all who interact with our staff. Customer Service resources understand the importance of being a part of the solution to the problem. This is achieved with excellent communication, thorough investigating, knowledge of services, and close attention to details.
The Staffing function of Enablement Services focuses on swift implementation of resources to enrich our client’s business operations. TWEG has developed an extensive virtual bench that covers several business industries. When staffing requests are presented, resources carefully screened and selected and rapidly assigned to support customers and clients. TWEG conduct a rigorous background check, thorough reference checks and vetting of candidate credentials. -Information Technology Consultants -Management Consultants -Call Center Representatives -Application Help Desk -Temporary Staffing -Customer Services Representatives