After spending fifteen years working in the public sector and for information technology private sector firms, Ellen Rozelle Turner decided to take her experience and create a firm that would satisfy the need for more women owned technology firms, but also allowed her to realize a dream of a leading a truly diverse, client focused and charitable organization.

Beginning October 2009, Ms. Rozelle Turner began the formation of a new firm and after careful consideration decided to name the firm in honor of her grandfather, William Everett Rozelle. In January 2010, Ms. Turner established the foundational mission and values of the firm by utilizing the best practices gained from both her past leadership roles and lessons learned from partnering with her Fortune 100 partners. Over the past years, TWEG has established itself as a trusted advisor and value added firm to its clients and strategic business partners. The William Everett Group is now a family owned business and is managed by two generations of William’s family members.

Who is William Everett?

William Everett Rozelle (1910-2002) was the grandfather of Ellen Rozelle Turner. William was born of meager beginnings and was beloved by his family and friends. William exemplified the essence of true entrepreneurial spirit. His “real model” example to Mrs. Turner and her nine siblings provided the foundation for the work ethics and values that have guided her principals and established a roadmap to a successful career.

Mrs. Turner’s grandfather had no idea what a gift he was providing to his teenage granddaughter by entrusting her to help him manage his neighborhood shoe store. Mrs. Turner observed her grandfather as he developed meaningful and trusting relationships with his suppliers and noted how he carefully treated each customer with respect and decency. He was a man of his word and most importantly taught her that everyone is equal.

He taught her that it was his belief that race nor gender should be the barriers to one’s success. That each of us, whether male or female, regardless of color or social standing has a valuable contribution to the world and should strive to reach your full potential. Armed with these valuable lessons and tools of empowerment, Mrs. Turner has developed a firm that embodies these core values. The name of the firm is a tribute to one of the most influential persons in her life. The William Everett Group is a tribute to his legacy.

The History of The William Everett Group

Ellen Rozelle Turner becomes founder, President, and CEO. Names firm in honor of her grandfather, William Everett Rozelle 1910-2003
The William Everett Group becomes a certified minority owned and women owned business enterprise.
The William Everett Group wins several multi-year, multi-million dollar corporate giving initiatives.
2015 will be remembered as the landmark year for strategic partnerships, 60% growth in revenue, and core service expansion. Began several large scale ERP projects.
William Everett Group is named as a pre-qualified vendor to City of Chicago, Cook County Government, and the University of Illinois.
TWEG becomes strategic partners with TWEG becomes certified as a national minority supplier diversity firm. Opens office in St. Louis, MO. Reaches over 100 consultants.